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Terminals Continue To Adopt Container Weight Verification Technology

The world leader in crane spreaders, Stockholm-based Bromma, has won a new contract for 10 YSX45 crane spreaders for use on automated stacking cranes at Trapac in Los Angeles, California (USA).

Automated terminals and container weight verification both represent important new trends in container handling. Bromma now has nearly 400 crane spreaders in service or on order to automated terminals. In addition, a total of 55 crane spreaders have now been specified with Bromma container weight verification technology.


Terminal Verification Of Container Weight From Cranes, Weigh Bridges, or Spreader Twistlocks?

With Bromma container weight verification technology containers are weighed from the spreader twistlocks during normal container handling operations, with accuracy to within 1%. This has both safety and planning benefits.

From a safety standpoint, Bromma load sensing technology creates a safer lifting environment. Safety alarms prevent worker injuries from overloaded or eccentric containers.

From an operational standpoint, higher accuracy in container weight verification aids in container stacking planning. More accurate container weight will help guide critical plans regarding stowage, yard transport, and other aspects of port operations. Accurate, verified load data also prevents accelerated stress on the spreader, thus extending spreader fleet life.

In general, terminals seeking to verify container weight have three options: identify weight from the weigh bridges, from the container crane, or from the spreader twistlocks.

Terminals are increasingly specifying Bromma technology because weighing containers from the spreader twistlocks has several advantages. Among them are:

- Ports can use weigh bridges to verify container weights, but the added step of the truck driving onto a weigh bridge slows overall operation speed.

- With weigh bridges a terminal can gain a total load weight, but weigh bridges cannot distinguish between the weight of two 20’ containers. To accurately get the weight of each container, a terminal has to off-load one container and put it on the weigh bridge, and repeat the process with a second container. This adds further delay and slows operational efficiency. Further, in the case of a truck pulling onto the weigh bridge, a terminal has the variable of the weight of up to 300 liters of fuel, and the weight of the driver.

- Another option ports can choose is to weigh containers from the crane. Yet weights taken from the crane are typically accurate to only 90-95% (compared to a weight accuracy of 99%+ from a crane spreader.) In addition, as with weigh bridges, cranes are not able to distinguish the weight of one container from another when containers are being lifted in twin-lift mode.

Bromma container weight verification from the spreader twistlocks identifies;

- weight under each twistlock to within 1%
- total container weight
- eccentric and overloaded containers
- accidental lifts and snag loads


Understanding Differences Between Container Weight Verification Technology

Finally, Bromma container weight verification technology has a significant advantage over competing spreader twistlock container weight verification technology. This is because:

- With Bromma technology terminals only need to purchase container weight verification technology once. Since the load cell is mounted externally, locked with easy access to the spreader twistlocks, load sensors may be exchanged independently of the twistlocks, meaning new load sensors are not needed when twistlocks are periodically replaced.

- In competing technology, load sensors are an integral part of the spreader twistlock, and when twistlocks are replaced after a certain number of load cycles, load sensors must be replaced (terminals must purchase container weight verification sensors on a recurring basis.)

The load-sensing system headed to Trapac, Los Angeles, can also be retrofitted to all Bromma spreaders. The technology was also recently ordered for installation on the new London Gateway project in London, England.


About Bromma

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Bromma is the world leader in crane spreaders. In more than 50 years of continuous operations, Bromma has delivered crane spreaders to 500 terminals in 90 nations on 6 continents, and Bromma spreaders are in service today at 97 out of the world’s largest 100 container ports. Bromma is the industry market leader in ship-to-shore crane spreaders, mobile harbour crane spreaders, and yard crane spreaders, and has delivered nearly 400 crane spreaders to automated terminals, where the highest level of reliability is essential. A pioneer in the container handling industry, Bromma is focused on lifting the productivity of its customers through more reliable spreaders. Bromma’s industry-leading all-electric Greenline™ spreaders, Tandem™ spreaders and recent Green Zone™ spreader fleet applications such as Roadmap™, Fleet Doctor™ and Work Order™ are part of this continuing effort.

Bromma is part of the Cargotec organization.

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