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Extreme reliability with Bromma


Whether found on mobile or rail mounted jib cranes, Bromma spreaders have been praised over the years for their performance and extreme reliability.

In close cooperation with major crane manufacturers and operators, we have designed the EH5U to include proven concepts from the world of Bromma spreaders, further improving performance and versatility without compromising the quality and lifetime value that have made our spreaders renowned.

Increased lifting capacity for better performance

The ratio between lifting capacity and weight is one of the real challenges in spreader design. With a frame design box construction fabricated in high quality steel, lifting capacity has been improved to handle a high capacity 41 tonne while maintaining a low nominal tare weight. This means better performance with no impact on the load curve or the travelling of the crane.

Setting the standard

The EH5U comes with the Bromma standard ISO floating twist locks. A proven and easy maintenance solution from the well proven Bromma BGS models with a floating capacity of 6 mm and both electrical interlock and mechanical blockading. The telescopic motion is controlled by proximity switches for a further simplified setting and the spreader is prepared for installation of the Bromma TTDS (Twin Twenty Detection System) with the attachment already included in the standard configuration. To handle unevenly loaded containers, a sliding tower assembly allows the gravity lifting point to be adjusted by 1.2 meters in both directions.

When a container is released, the tower will automatically return to the centre position. The spreader can also be equipped with a levelling device which prevents the crane operator from moving the tower in the wrong direction when adjusting the gravity point. A versatile six side-flipper arm configuration provides the crane operator with the improved ability to locate the containers and the side-flipper installation mounted on an inclined base eliminates the interference with cell guides when flippers are in the upper position. As an option to further utilise and improve the performance of the EH5U, we recommend the use of the Bromma SCS˛ smart spreader communication system. The SCS˛ will easily interface with the crane PLC and only requires 10 cores with cost reduction in cable and cable reel as a result. It will reduce downtime, provide faster and more precise fault finding as well as facilitate diagnostics and monitoring.

Protecting your lifetime value

Several steps and measures have been taken to damper and reduce shock on the spreader structure and vital parts of the construction. A rubber mounted landing buffer has been installed in the flipper system to reduce the shock, if the flippers are hit in their upper position, extending the lifetime of the flipper arm. To enable a smoother landing and reduce the shock on the main frame, a rubber damper system has been added between the main frame and the sliding telescopic beam.

The telescopic drive system is equipped with a high grade shock absorption system in order to protect the structure and facilitate movement in the telescopic system. This is vital and give necessary flexibility when handling slightly damaged containers. The telescopic system, electrical equipment and cable chain system are well protected in the main frame.

Simple design means reduced maintenance

All components have been made readily accessible and a further simplified design means fewer mechanical components, fewer spare parts and reduced maintenance. With the EH5U, Bromma introduces a best-of-breed single-lift mobile harbour crane spreader with unsurpassed reliability and significant lifetime value.


Key Figures

  • Tower design with +/- 1.2 m gravity point adjustment
  • High lifting capacity, 41 tonne, with low tare weight
  • Improved telescopic positioning system
  • Six side-flipper arm configuration
  • Bromma BGS standard ISO floating twistlock
  • Proximity switches for positioning of telescopic motion
  • Flipper installation for better protection of the flipper arm in cell guides and with rubber damping in flipper upper position
  • Shock absorption between telescopic beam and main frame
  • Improved cable chain system for tower and telescopic motion
  • Enlarged wear pads on end beam corners
  • Attachment prepared for Bromma TTDS installation

See your Bromma representative for more information on structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical options available. 


Technical specifications

EH5U single lift mobile harbour crane spreader


41 tonnes +/- 10% eccentric load
4x10 tonnes lugs in end beam

WEIGHT About 9 tonnes (without extra equipment)
GP ADJUSTMENT +/- 1.2 m in 20 s.
TELESCOPING 20-40 f t. in 30 s.
GUIDE ARM SPEED 180° in 3-5 s.
TWISTLOCK ROTATION ISO floating, 90° approximately in 1.0 s.
HYDRAULICS Normal operating pressure 100 bar
POWER SUPPLY 400/230 V AC 50 Hz, max 12,9 kW
24-36 cores 2,5mm˛ dep. on features

Sand-blasted SA 2.5
50-90um –2 component Zinc epoxy
100um -2-component MIO pigmented
70um – Polyurethane

MANUALS Full service and repair manual supplied.
WARRANTY  One year

This specification is subject to alterations without prior notice.

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